Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Well, I can say that I have done a really piss poor job of keeping up with my blog. No excuse except that my Camera broke and I don't have any cool pictures to show you. Nellie and I are in Canmore ice climbing with the Canadian monkeys. They sure do love the cold.

Anyhooo, we are hoping that it's a bit warmer tomorrow and that I will be over this cold that I caught so that we can get back at it. Hoping to make it up a few more multi pitch ice climbs before we head back south.

For me, ice climbing is a means to an end and in it of itself I don't really like it. It feels much more like hammering than climbing. But, each year the lines i choose to climb in the mountains seem to have more and more ice on them. So, here I am preparing for what may lie ahead in Tibet and Pakistan this year.