Monday, June 8, 2009

We Love you Micah

Micah and Jonny in "The Sharp End".. associate produced by Wade


Anonymous said...

I'm still holding on to hope. You are a wonderful person Micah. I seriously only met you for a short time at the Red, but you left a huge impression on me. You motivated me to continue climbing, and amazed me with your abilities. Come home safe, please

Anonymous said...

Praying for you, Micah....
You are an inspiration!
You embrace life and all its adventure.

Chris & Lors
Lancster, CA

Anonymous said...

To my little cousin Micah!

We love you!

You are the greatest person I have ever known!

David Sidell

Anonymous said...

I pray for a miracle, Micah.

I've been reading your blog and other sites about you. What an adventurer you are!

I knew you when you were a little boy, and even then it was obvious you were special.

Heartfelt prayers for your family.

Palmdale, CA

James said...

Even now, late in the month of June, we think of you, pray for you and love you. The events of your life and those of the past few weeks echo through our feelings and memories. What a little boy and what a man you are Micah. Our friend,our hero. We miss you. We celebrate your life.

Juan said...

I just saw the film "sharp end" and surfing the web came across the news of the avalanche in tibet where John, Micah and a filmmaker from sender productiona .... well...

Just wanted to post that I´m not a very experienced climber and till now i´ve just done sportclimbing, but I think that people who believe so much in what they do as obviously did Mica and John, well they leave a mark for future generations, even if these don´t have the pleasure of meeting them. It´s just in the air...

rest in peace and good luck in your final ascent.

greetings from spain.